Paragon Casino Resort Marksville

Paragon Casino Resort marks the last stop for most players who are vacationing in South Africa. This resort is very popular among people that go to the nearby Sharpe Beach.

Located along the beautiful coast of South Africa, this resort is a great place to get into the water and have a great fun. It has two beaches that are open year round. These beaches are the beach that stretches from the Paragon casino Resort and Casino Park all the way to the end of the boardwalk in Sharpe Beach.

Located next to the Paragon Casino Resort is the Rainbow beach that is also open year round and is located next to the Paradise Beach resort. This is a great place to spend the night when the sun sets, having a great time with your family or friends.

The Paragon Casino Resort has different activities available at each of the beaches. You can rent a Paragon Casino boat and visit the water’s edge, while you relax on one of the two luxurious Paragon Casino Parrots. If you are a fan of racing, the Paragon Casino has an amazing indoor racetrack, the Starlite Casino.

Fish is very abundant in the ocean here so fishing is a popular hobby for many visitors to the place. If you are not interested in fishing, they also have the opportunity to enjoy the great diving experience at the Paragon Aquarium.

Another exciting attraction to the Paragon Casino Resort is the Paragon Casino Playground, which features five bright colored swings and three slides. This place is a great place to go to during the summer months because it allows the families to have fun together.

There are other things that the Paragon Casino Resort offers well. They offer party rentals, as well as group bookings. It is a great place to take a group to have fun in the water while they are relaxing, or have a good time on the sand while you are exercising.

All in all, the Paragon Casino Resort is a great place to go if you are planning to have a great time while visiting South Africa. You will have a wonderful time here in this resort while you are enjoying the various activities that are available for you to do.