Paragon Casino Resort Hotel

Paragon Casino Resort Hotel is a one of the world’s first resort hotels and a name synonymous with peace and relaxation. Located in the city of Manila, Paragon Casino Resort Hotel is situated just a short distance from the posh Makati City and its fancy shopping malls. It boasts some of the best service facilities, which make it a preferred destination for business meetings, as well as family gatherings. Paragon Casino Resort Hotel enjoys the prime location which is adjacent to the Rizal Park, the most frequented public park in the city.

Its location makes it a more convenient and attractive destination for couples who want to enjoy a more romantic evening on a budget. Since this hotel has low prices on its packages, couples with small children can also opt for the package, which provides a comfortable stay and comes with a fair sum of money. This is also the reason why this hotel has become a home for many celebrities who are touring the city, so that they could take advantage of the good service facilities and a superb stay offered by this luxurious hotel.

The refurbished bathrooms at the Paragon Casino Resort Hotel give a spanking new look to the place. The hotel also boasts some of the best restaurants and bars in the city. Hence, it is no wonder that Paragon Casino Resort Hotel is a hot favorite among the many travelers who visit the city for different purposes.

Paragon Casino Resort Hotel also offers a spa facility, which is popular among guests who opt for its luxurious services. The spa is situated in the upper floors of the hotel and is surrounded by the finest marble work and beautiful glass panes.

The furniture, which is available at this hotel, is very expensive, and hence, its furnishing costs should be carefully evaluated before making any final decisions. The same can be said about the room service offerings as well.

With the help of complimentary Wi-Fi connections, patrons can access their email, blog and social networking accounts even while at the casino or at other places. The hotel also provides wireless network access to its guests, as well as internet access to its staff so that they can take care of any queries that they may have.

There are a number of other special features, which make the Paragon Casino Resort Hotel a favorite of all kinds of people, from the rich to the poor. As the hotel is within close proximity to the downtown areas of Makati, it is extremely convenient and a wonderful destination for visitors, who like to stay close to the centers of action. It also has a public transportation system, which is provided by Metro Manila Corporation (MMTC).