Paragon Casino & Resort

The best choice of gambling options in Marksville, Louisiana is the Paragon casino and resort. This resort is a perfect destination for people who love to gamble and have fun. This site is just minutes from New Orleans and provides more than just good gambling facilities.

Paragon Casino & Resort provide a variety of benefits for casino goers. There is an array of luxurious accommodation to choose from, which include many hotels, condominiums, apartments, as well as condominiums and villas. In addition, there are also many exclusive private clubs, which give members the chance to dine in the best restaurants available in town. They can enjoy many activities while at home, as well. They have the opportunity to participate in pari-mutuel wagering, as well as a variety of other casino gaming programs.

When visiting the Paragon casino and resort, visitors will find that the casinos themselves are very impressive. This location has the largest slot machine in the entire state, as well as a casino arcade, which include a full food court and a number of shops. Guests can enjoy the amenities and fun that they can find inside this amazing casino. Guests will not only be entertained during the day, but they can also enjoy live music, along with dancing in the evenings. Paragon is located close to the main business district of Marksville, making it easy to reach from the airport.

Paragon’s casinos provide a variety of different games to play. They feature roulette, blackjack, bingo, roulette and video poker, among others. The casino also features a huge assortment of electronic slots, which is designed to keep guests happy. Paragon also offers a wide variety of different dining options, including many different options to choose from at each of the different locations.

Paragon Casino and Resort is located in the heart of Marksville, Louisiana. Its location makes it convenient to both New Orleans and Slidell. Counties. The casino has many different options for casino players, who come here to enjoy the thrill of casino gambling. While the casinos are located in the area, they are not located close to residential areas. This means that residents of this area do not have to travel to the casino to enjoy their favorite gambling experience.

Paragon’s casino games are easy to understand and offer great entertainment to players. Paragon is a company known for providing a variety of different games for people to enjoy. They offer an amazing array of games to choose from and a great variety of casino gaming packages for those who want to go all out. During the course of a weekend, you will be sure to find that you are able to enjoy some great time with your friends and family at the Paragon casino and resort.