The Right Sports And Fun For You And Your Family At Paragon Casino Resort

Paragon Casino Resort is situated in Paragon, near Marksville, LA. Here you will find a huge variety of activities to choose from.

paragon casino resort marksville

Paragon features wonderful water activities to suit all types of water sports enthusiasts. Whether you are an Olympic swimmer or a novice, you will have an opportunity to participate in a water sports activity here. Surfing, sailing, kite boarding, kayaking, rafting, and other water activities are available for all water sports enthusiasts. And we can’t forget the incredible African animals and a trip to the jungle to see all the animals at your own leisure.

Paragon Casino Resort is a great place to play baccarat. Although there are plenty of tables to choose from here, you’ll find one at every size of table. With plenty of different baccarat tables, you can choose the one you want to play at and enjoy the game. Or if you’re just not sure how to get started playing the game, you can find people to teach you at the gaming rooms. You can either play the hands on the table or you can play online and invite friends and family to come to your baccarat table.

Paragon Casino Resort offers its guests a variety of rooms to choose from. And many of the rooms offer in-room players and most of the rooms are equipped with high speed internet. A place to relax in a comfortable atmosphere is right at your finger tips.

Paragon Casino Resort also offers fabulous dining options, with casual but tasty food on hand for those evenings that take you away from gaming. Enjoy your meals at one of the many fine restaurants at Paragon Casino Resort. And with a wide selection of international cuisines to choose from, you’re sure to have an exciting and rewarding dining experience here.

Other exciting things to do at Paragon Casino Resort is horseback riding. Riding is always a great exercise to get you in shape, both mentally and physically. Riding a horse can also provide a great deal of camaraderie with the people riding with you. So it’s a perfect activity for the entire family.

And no matter what you’re doing at Paragon Casino Resort, you can do it all in style. The luxurious and elegant rooms are combined with the intimate and stylish gambling rooms to make you feel completely comfortable. So bring your family and friends to play all the latest and hottest online casino games. The games and fun at Paragon Casino Resort are enough to keep you entertained for days.