What is New at Paragon Casino Resort Events?

The Paragon Casino Resort Events are set to be in the spotlight this year. With their new Grand Casino & Resort Hotel, they are bringing an entirely new era to Paragon Casino Resort Events. To keep up with the changes, you will find that this article is going to cover the three big differences between the old and new casinos.

The first big difference is in their overall design. With the new renovations, the Paragon Casino Resort Events has brought in their classic casino look and feel. They have replaced the old sign that adorned the front of the Paragon Casino Resort Events. The same can be said for the signs on the side of the casino.

The place is being presented in a more classical way that not only represents the Paragon Casino Resort Events but also the unique history of Las Vegas. In their lettering, they have left out the casino name. Instead, they have used the famous Las Vegas sign. The decorative lighting has also changed and has been replaced with the modern.

They have also integrated the Spa and fitness facilities into the design and changed the spa amenities. It has been built into the floor and into the walls. Now you can find a Jacuzzi and a steam room in the same place that you could previously find a slot machine.

Another major difference has been the dining experience at the Paragon Casino Resort Events. They have integrated the gaming experience to create a modern and high-tech approach to dining.

While there are still rooms available to use as a casino in the new Paragon Casino Resort Events, they are trying to blend the actual experience of gambling to an experience of dining. This means that you can enjoy the full experience of both dining and gaming. In the old Paragon Casino Resort Events, you could only enjoy the full experience of gambling if you paid to eat there.

The third main difference is the overall atmosphere at the Paragon Casino Resort Events. Instead of being just another casino, they are introducing an entirely new and modern look to the place. In the casino you will find an aura of sophistication that you will never feel from any other casino.

The Paragon Casino Resort Events has been successfully revamping its property and puts forth the right moves to appeal to their new customers. So, with the changes that are coming, you are going to be able to enjoy the Paragon Casino Resort Event’s experience in style.