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Jobmesse Haus Leo

At the end of September, the network Misch mit! teamed up with Haus Leo, the refugee accommodation organisation based in Moabit, for an event that brought together refugees and organisations working to help get refugees into work.

The event was held on September 19 on the Haus Leo/Stadtmission grounds on Lehrter Strasse, and the mostly women crowd all contributed to the feast with tasty homemade salads, bread and sweet treats! The women – who came from a number of countries including Afghanistan, Serbia and Somalia – spent the afternoon chatting, eating and laughing.

Four of our partner organisations participated in the event – including die Brücke Lotsenprojekt, Compass Mitte, Inbas Emsa and Job Navigation. There was some interaction between them and the men who came to the event, and although it is too soon to say if anything productive will materialise as a result of the conversations, Grischa Schwiegk, who works at Haus Leo, told Misch mit! the event was a success. “I think the event went very well,” he said. “The people presenting their projects were very engaged, and I think it was a good, easy and relaxed way to connect to the people. The people presenting their projects were happy, too.

“If we do this again, it would be good to focus on other areas – I could imagine that the theme of finding a flat could be of interest, for example.”

For Misch mit! it was an opportunity to connect more with the people who we are trying to support. It was also a really good – and rare – chance to hear from women living in the city as refugees, as it usually difficult to get them to come to our events. All of the women had stories to tell. One lady, for example, told Misch mit! about how she has been living apart from her husband in Germany – he is registered in Hamburg and she lives with their children in Berlin – for more than three years. The authorities haven’t yet sorted out the paperwork to reunite them, so the husband visits every weekend, or as much as possible. The woman, who fled war and poverty in her home country in Africa, revealed to Misch mit! that she never learnt to read or write in her mother tongue, which is Arabic, and only knows those skills after studying Deutsch in Germany. The conversations left Misch mit! with a lot to think about around cultural integration, and how complex the issue is when there are such differences between societies. We hope to have more of these conversations, and look forward to another event with Haus Leo.

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unionjack300 Who we are: 

Hallo, and welcome!

Here at Misch Mit we want to bring together ‘old Berliners with new Berliners’. The refugee crisis has brought thousands of people –  from places like Syria, Afghanistan and Iran – to Germany. New arrivals don’t speak the language and come from different cultural backgrounds, so one of challenges is to help people integrate without alienating the local population. That’s where the network Misch Mit! For volunteering and neighbourhood comes in. Roughly translated in English to ‘mix with’ – Misch Mit! was set up in April to bridge the cultural gap between the new people – the refugees – and the local population.

Funded by a number of organisations including the EU and the Soziale Stadt, the three-year pilot project will focus on three areas in Berlin – Moabit, Wedding and Gesundbrunnen. As well as collaborating with local community and family groups on projects and events, Misch Mit! also acts as a facilitator to connect different groups that want to work together in the field.

At the moment there are four people working at Misch Mit. Claire Pfromm is the project leader who also works on the website and graphic design, Annette Haußknecht, who works on co-ordination and PR, John Mahfoud is the project assistant and works on translations and Gouri Sharma who works on the media for the organisation.



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