Gestaltung der Vitrine vor dem Rathaus Tiergarten

Last week, Misch Mit!’s Claire and Annette were on hand to help Berlin-based photographer Daniel Sonnentag and partner FremdeFreunde put up some of the pictures they have taken of the refugees. Daniel created a series called ‘They Have Names’ in which he photographed young refugees. He wanted to show a more human side to the refugees, a portrayal that has been lost in the media and political discourse. FremdeFreunde is a local mentoring project that works with refugee children between the ages of 8 and 18. Some of their work includes taking  children out in the city, to sports lessons and to various cultural events.

You can check out Daniel’s work here and FremdeFreunde’s pictures here

The photos will be up in the display case in front of the neighbourhood town hall at Rathaus Tiergarten and will be up on display on-and off-until the end of September. The pictures are up on our Facebook page if you would like to check them out beforehand. We hope you like them!

Daniel, the photographer said: “With They Have Names I want to introduce the people behind the abstract term of “the refugee”, because I believe that when humans start talking to each other and getting to know each other, they’ll recognize that we all have more in common that the opposite. I hope that this helps to start dialogues and to lead our society to overcome prejudices and find ways to an open and diverse society that deals with its differences in a progressive way.”