Misch mit! 2017

We may only be into the second month of the year, but Misch Mit already has some great projects lined up for 2017. This year we will continue to collaborate with our many partners across Moabit, Wedding and Gesundbrunnen, with the aim of encouraging integration between new Berliners – so-called refugees – and old Berliners.

Misch Mit’s Claire says: “We are excited about 2017 and we want our relationships with the partners to grow. We are there to support the small partners who are just starting out, to the more established ones and we want to continue connecting people.”

Theater project – The first project Misch Mit is involved in started earlier this month, on January 14th. Run by a children’s organisation based in Moabit, SOS Kinderdorf (Or the Children’s Village), the project works with women between 18 – 26 years old who have a refugee background. Up until March, the women will be invited to open up about their experience of leaving their homeland, how they are coping with a new country and language, and what they feel about the future. The full-day sessions are designed to offer a safe, private space for females to express their feelings in anyway that they like – whether it be dance, performance, the choice is theirs. The workshops will be multilingual and no prior experience is required. And for those women who have children, they can also come along as there is childcare on site.

For more information about the project you can follow this link and if you would like to take part, please visit the SOS Kinderdorf site.

International week against racism – 13 March to 26 March – Misch Mit and its partners will be joining thousands of organisations across the world to mark the annual awareness campaign. Throughout the two weeks, there will be a number of events being hosted by various organisations working in the field including a flash mob, seminars on race and a big party! Regular updates off events and partners will be available on our website. The main organisers of the event are Demokratie in der Mitte. They said: “We as Demokratie in der Mitte started this campaign, because for us it’s very important that many people and institutions in Moabit and Wedding show that they are against hatred and discrimination. It’s especially important in these political times, when worldwide many people vote for politicians who stand for nationalism, excluding political and societal concepts to show solidarity and stand united against exclusion. We want to help create open spaces for meetings and encounters, discussions and creativity –  give opportunities to exchange ideas, views and beliefs. Diversity makes your life more colourful!”

Keep an eye on the website for video interviews and reports from the events taking place.

Together we share – Keen to build on last year’s success, Misch Mit will be partnering with Paten fur Flüchtlinge – run by Carmen Troppa and Freiwilligenagentur, run by Anna Asfandiar, to host Wednesday community gatherings at Fabrik cafe in Osloer Strasse. Held on the first Wednesday of every month between 6.30pm – 9.00pm, the evenings have been set up to create a space for refugees and neighbours to come together, learn from each other and get to know one and other. The refugees that have attended the event are heavily involved themselves in the evening, choosing a name for the evening, contributing to what events can be held and cooking.

For more details on the event, you can check out our report from last year.

Second half of 2017:

Moabiter Kiezfest on September 16th – We have already started work on the big event of the year. Last year saw hundreds of people from the refugee and local community enjoy the day, which had various stalls selling food and treats for the family. There were a number of great performances, including one from Misch Mit’s Claire, who led an energetic salsa lesson! It was also the first time that Misch Mit and its partners came together on such a scale and Claire is hoping that it this year’s event will be just as a successful, if not more, than the last! She says: “We will be managing the stands run by our partners and we want to show all the colours of our growing network!”