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Create ist ein auf zwei Jahre angelegtes EU-Projekt im Bereich künstlerischer Therapien als Beitrag zur Förderung der seelischen Gesundheit von Geflüchteten. Die Theaterpädagogen*Innen vom Institut für Theatertherapie wandten sich an uns, da sie Unterstützung zur Umsetzung des Projekts benötigten. Gesucht wurden zwei Gruppen (Männer/Frauen mit Fluchterfahrung und Nachbarn), sowie ein Raum in dem das Projekt wöchentlich ab Oktober durchgeführt werden könnte. Beim 4. Netzwerktreffen stellten die Theaterpädagogen das Projekt den Netzwerkpartnern vor, die großes Interesse zeigten. Sogleich entstanden neue Kooperationen im Hinblick auf die Umsetzung des Projekts. Der Auftakt ist am 18.10., die Theaterkurse mit Kinderbetreuung finden wöchentlich im Stadtschloss Moabit statt. Misch mit! hilft bei der Gestaltung der Flyer und der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit.

Review theatre therapy project CREATE by Gouri Sharma

Towards the end if last year, our organisation Misch mit! supported a new project that was designed to bring together refugee women and German women for an intercultural theatre therapy project.

The project was due to run over ten weeks from october till december – every Monday night from 6pm at the Stadtschloss Moabit. Within the first couple of weeks, however, it was clear to the theater therapist Sabine Hayduk that what she had planned for the project may not materialise.

This was partly to do with the timing of the gathering. Sabine, who studied the subject in London, said: “There were no other time slots available at the Stadtschloss, but the start of the week is generally not ideal. Plus, we learnt that women just don’t have time. If they are in German school, they still need to go and collect their children and then make dinner, so they don’t have any spare time for activities like this.”

Apart from two women – one from Afghanistan and the other from Iran – who came on one week, no other women turned up. So Sabine had no choice but to cancel the project.

“It was also disappointing for the two women who came that week, as they thought there would be German women attending too and they would be able to practice their German. But we couldn’t get German women on board for the project either.”

One of the other challenges that Sabine was able to identify was that theatre may not be the most comfortable activity for women from the Middle East or Afghanistan. Culturally, she says, theatre may not be as popular or inclusive in their home countries, so presenting these women with an activity they weren’t sure about also posed a problem and meant that women were not interested to join. She said: “ Theatre seemed too strange, too unknown for these women to engage in. It also really turned women away when we used the word therapy because many people do not see themselves as needing this.”

But Sabine has used this as a learning opportunity and from the end of January, will be working with Moabit-based SOS Kinderdorf for a monthly integration session. The plan, she says, is to build up a relationship and trust with women who attend the sessions, and then see if they would be interested in doing something with theatre in a few months down the line. “The idea is to do something together once a month, offer the women a safe place and build up trust, and see where it goes from there.”

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